Location on the University Campus

The Institute of Telematik, situated in building 64, is only reachable via Mönkhofer Weg (western side of the university/hospital campus).
Follow the "Mönkhofer Weg" and turn left when you see  the signs for the emergency room ("Notaufnahme").
The Institute of Telematics is located in Building 64 ("Haus 64") at the end of the "Marie-Curie-Straße" (not listed in navigation systems, for instructions see below: Arriving by Car).
A plan of the campus is also available, click here or here with legend. See an aerial view of the institute's building using Google Earth.

Arriving by Car

When using a satnav device, please enter "Mönkhofer Weg 237, Lübeck" (w/o umlauts: Moenkhofer Weg 237, Luebeck) and then follow the instructions above ("Location on the University Campus").

Visitors' parking area only here: Parkhaus des UKSH-Campus Lübeck, reachable from Ratzeburger Allee. Please have a look here for the parking fees CampusLübeck.

Arriving by Train

Select the best connection using the timetable service from Deutsche Bahn. Enter "Fachhochschule Lübeck or Technische Hochschule Lübeck" as destination to get to the university or "Lübeck" to get to the main station.


Arriving by Airplane

Two airports are available near Lübeck:

  • Hamburg Airport (HAM, most major airlines) and
  • Lübeck Airport (not available at the moment 2018/2019)
  • Arriving at Hamburg Airport, search for the best connection using timetable service from Deutsche Bahn. Enter "Hamburg Airport" as start and "Fachhochschule, Lübeck" as destination. This will give you the best connection service (train or bus). The train connection is a combination of "S-Bahn" and regional train.

Arriving at Lübeck Airport take bus No. 6 (direction "Hamburger Straße, Lübeck") and exit at "Universität".